Do You Want Microsoft Xbox 360?

Last Revised on December 12, 2007

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Microsoft Xbox 360 is in full throttle ever since it jumped into the market, even though it has big competitions like Sony Play Station and Nintendo Wii. Xbox 360 is known for a well established players and it has games titles of over 600, while providing multi player action feature with its online service. You can even download both movies and games through that feature. Xbox 360 systems come with two options of memory hard drive. Once is a 20 GB and other is the 120 GB hard drive, and can be equipped with a wireless network adaptor which cost $99.99.

Microsoft’s console is the most firmly established player in the game today, with a library of over 600 titles, an incentive-based achievement system, and a robust online service called Xbox Live that enables multiplayer action and features both movie and game downloads. There are two kinds for memberships under this service, Silver membership and Gold Membership. Silver membership is free and Gold membership cost $49.99 per year. Through that membership you can meet players online and download extra contents that goes with your games, stuff like maps and treats.

The drawback of Xbox Live service is that not all downloads are free, some you need to buy it using your points. Microsoft points cost $1.25 for every 100 points that can be bought either in stores through cards or through Xbox Live directly. Xbox 360 is even compatible with your Windows Computer XP or the lates XP allowing you to network the Xbox to play music and videos that has been saved on your computer.

The HD-DVD add-on drive ($179.99) lets buyers get into the high-def format war with support for a growing library of HD-DVD titles. Beyond the basic gaming options on Xbox Live, users can download movies and television programs (fees vary) in either standard or high definition.

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