Diet Soda Make You Thin, Myth or Fact?

Last Revised on December 6, 2007

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A lot of people I know they drink diet pop, especially the ladies. My college professors, girlfriends, co workers, customers and many more seem to be fascinated with the Diet Soda concept. They are all after diet coke, diet pepsi and diet mountain dew. Almost all of them I think believe that the diet soda will help them shed some pounds. But will it? Is it a myth or a fact that diet drinks will make them thinner? To know the answer you have to keep reading.

Here is the strange thing – study or research conducted recently found that people who drink diet soda everyday keep still have nearly 40 percent chance of getting overweight than the people who drink regular sodas. Most likely, in my opinion, what is going on is that people who are drinking diet sodas are already overweight and they realize that. So does that mean if you are born with that gene for overweight, nothing is going to help? We don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that we should at least try our best to keep ourself healthy.

Another theory is that people who drink diet soda assume that diet drinks have so called zero calories so they can drink as much as they want and it just doesn’t end there. They think since they didn’t drink any regular pop, which has high calories, now they can use that space to binge on high calorie foods. That’s wrong now.

Thirdly, some experts think one reason diet soda can make you overweight is through chemical responses. Diet soda contain chemical substances like various sugar molecules that can stimulate your appetite. These sweet sugar can build craving for more sugar like foods.

So diet soda can make you fat? Well, from the factors we discussed above it seems like the answer is “it depends.” It depends upon how you handle yourself with diet soda. For example, in the second point we said if you drink diet soda you start to assume you had no calories so far therefore now you can binge on foods. Now see, if you keep doing that then diet soda can surely make you overweight. But on the other hand, if you do these in moderation and change your mindset than yeah diet soda can really save you from getting fat and obese.

Note: Please talk with your doctors before relying on what I wrote above. Thank you.

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One Response to “Diet Soda Make You Thin, Myth or Fact?”

  1. jeny Says:
    December 6th, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    i don’t think its a matter of diet or regular soda. it’s a matter of how you control yourself.

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