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Last Revised on December 27, 2009

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Credit card is a card that allows you to pay for things you buy. Your credit card company charges you money after you use it to make purchases. Credit card is different to a debit card because debit card removes the money from your account, usually bank account, directly after you buy things. But you have to be careful when selecting a credit card issuer; some of them charge you a lot of interest money and you end up paying a lot of money to them. Check out the About Your Money’s credit cards comparison page. They list the top ten credit cards there along with many details of each credit card.

Home insurance is another thing that a lot of people care about because it’s a huge investment. House on average cost over two hundred thousand dollars and many household only make less than a quarter of that amount. That’s why getting your house is very important because it helps you when your house gets destructed from flood, hurricane, etc. Check the home insurance quotes here. You can get home insurance for landlord as well as for student and tenants. Also important is the coverage away from home.

Car insurance is the last one I want to talk about here. A lot of people are not willing to pay for car insurance. If government makes the car owner to have a choice over whether or not to have a car insurance, most of them will not get a car insurance. This is because they don’t see the car insurance really helping them much. They think the insurance will help them a minor bit when they get into accident, but then the monthly payment automatically rises too. And if they don’t get into any car accident, they just wasted their money. But car insurance is very important, regardless. When you don’t have a money in your pocket or bank account and get into accident, if it’s your fault who is going to pay the victim of this accident and injury. That’s where the car insurance comes very handy and helpful.

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