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Last Revised on December 27, 2009

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Recently there has been an ongoing discussion about how much the search engines crawls one site over another. One of the most important factor that determines how much the search engines will crawl your website or blog is the backlinks to your site. Besides that it is hard to tell how often your websites gets crawled. But now there is a new online service that offers a new easier method. It is called Crawl Score, which looks at your website to diagnose the crawling issues your blog or website might be facing without you knowing it.

It can also generate the sitemaps in the formats that would be good for Google and Yahoo crawling bots and all these are done without having to install any software or script. There are many things that Google Webmaster tools don’t do and that is where the Crawl Score seem to come handy; it includes generate a good sitemap, Instant crawl, show duplicate page titles, show missing page, show duplicate meta tags, show pages with NO FOLLOW, highlight large pages , show internal linking, view HTTP headers , executive reports, emailed reports, show dynamic URLs and instant support.

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