Common Cause of Some Common Health Problems

Last Revised on December 27, 2007

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A lot people assume that whenever they get ill and face some health problems it has to do with something big. They don’t realize that some of the most common health problems we face in our daily lives are caused by some of the most common things we do on a daily basis. Lets explore some the health issues:

Morning headaches – often times it is caused by our sleep. If we don’t sleep enough or have trouble sleeping, we can easily get am headaches. Over sleeping can cause that too because sometimes when we sleep too much over the weekend, we start to get the headaches at the end of the weekend and have to call in sick to the work.

Stomach noise and bloating – do you get bloated and your stomach start to make noises in public? If that’s so, it could be due to the type of drinks you have been drinking before going in public. High fructose syrup commonly found in soft drinks like soda pop and bottled fruit drinks contain these, so limiting the consumption of such beverages may help.

Bladder Infection – Do you or your girl friends suffer from chronic bladder infection all the time? Check to see if it due to the contraceptive methods used to protect the pregnancy. Spermicides used with female condoms and diaphragms have the potential to effect the acidity or pH balance negatively in the vagina urethra area.

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