Chicago Is the Place to Visit

Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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Have you ever been to Chicago? Oh, what a memorable place to visit. I recently visited Chicago to get a Visa permit to visit to India. They have an Indian Embassy there. I traveled on Greyhound bus two ways – to chicago first and back to my town. The whole travel was smooth and liked the places we stopped like McDonalds, etc. Chicago itself was very big; I got to see the NBC tower there. You can check out some amazing tour destinations and attractions in Chicago with the courtesy of Trusted Tours & Attracitons.

Trusted Tours & Attractions is currently offering free eNewsletters, and for signing up you get the chance to win a handheld GPS. They send you travel tips and interesting stories through that newsletters each month. They offer sightseeing tours of Chicago like the Grand Tour of Chicago and Hancock Tower Combination, Land and Lake Tour of Chicago, and many more.

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