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Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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Holiday season is right here and what better gift can you offer to your friends and close relatives than a good looking personal gifts like rolex watches. Did you know that before small writst watches came into the market, there were pocket watches which were much larger? One of the best place to buy watches and fine estate jewelry is the Gray and Sons. Their website offers a lot of quality watch and estate jewelry.

If you visit Gray and Sons, you will notice a lot of pre-owned watches and best antique and estate jewelry at a discount price of 70% of what other retail stores are selling for. Some of the watches you will notice are Baume & Mercier, Chronoswiss, Franck Muller and Vacheron Constantin to name a few. They also have top brand names estate jewelry like Tiffany & Co Jewelry, Nafco Jewelry and Bvlgari Jewelry along with emerald and diamonds ear rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Another thing I like about them as a jewelry store dealer is that they give you option to to either do the 10 day return of the items if not satisfied. You can also sell watches and jewelry there if you don’t use them anymore. Oh also just in case you are looking for items like watchwinders and watch band, they also have them for a cheap sale price. So you not only save money for buying products at a cheap price but also make money by selling your used items.

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