Cell Phones, Addiction and Health Risks

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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More and more people are subscribing to cell phone plans every days, even middle schools kids now a days ask their parent to buy them a cell phone. Not really sure, what they plan to do with the cell phone, unless it’s a toy cell phone. One reason cell phone is so popular is because it gives people to play with it while they are not doing any thing.

But is there something like a cell phone addictions? Yes, there definitely is if we don’t use the cell phone is moderation.
A study showed that over 1 trillion cell-phone minutes was used by Americans in the first half of 2007 alone. So it is pretty much guaranteed that cell phone companies will start to send higher invoice bill than the traditional land line phones.

A lot of people might not know but cell-phone radiates radio frequency low frequency rays similar to the ones in microwave. But as the usage of cell phone goes higher, the radiation frequency will rise too and thus pose a risk of causing skin cancer if not deepr – like ulcers and tumors.

There was study by InterPhone that reached a conclusion that using a cell phone for an hour each day over a 10-year period can increase the risk of developing a rare brain tumor and that those tumors are more likely to be on the side of your head that you use to talk on the phone.

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