Cars Driven By Your Boss

Last Revised on December 19, 2007

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One of the world’s top richest man Warren Buffett used to drivve a silver 2001 Lincoln Town Car with Nebraska plates THRIFTY. But last year he eventually sold it on for $73,200 for charity work. When Alan Mulally moved from Boeing to be CEO of Ford Motor (F) last year he caught flak for calling his Lexus the finest car in the world just when Ford was introducing him as its new leader.

People tend to look at CEO cars more than we can imagine. According to a survey, out of 3000 people asked only 10% didn’t know what their chief drives, according to a survey. “Of all the products in the world, cars are the most reliable representation of an individual’s personality,” according to Kit Yarrow, chairman of Golden Gate University psychology department.

Your boss cars can help you see how your boss lives the life. Some drives expensive cars, others fast and flashy ones. But then there are environmental boss who likes hybrid cars. A survey by usa today magazine found that over 13% of ceos drive a BMW, 12% a Mercedes and 10% a Toyota. Experts say that cars also have a good purpose for – they motivate these rich CEOs to make more money.

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