Car That Gives You High Miles Per Gallon, that is 300 mpg

Last Revised on January 4, 2008

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The name of care is Aptera. Its a two-seater that gets 300 mpg and will be available for purchase in 2008 for around $30,000. There is also a hybrid version of Aptera too, for those who don’t want to go on trouble of finding charging outlets for hybrid card; it will be available in 2009.

Here is a bit detail specification of this special car named Aptera, that comes in two versioins:
All Electric This Aptera is powered by batteries exclusively. It gives you approximately 120 miles per charge depending on your driving conditions. Then after you are done driving it or during the night, drivers simply plug the Aptera into any household name standard 110 volt outlet for few hours. The car will supposedly cost around $26,900.

Plug-in Series Hybrid This Aptera is also powered by an electric drive train but it is also uses by a fuel efficient gasoline powered generator which stretches the range of the car much further. In typical driving car can easily have 300 miles per gallon. It is supposed to cost around $29,900.

Here is an overall general description of what Aptera has to offer for their owners: The Aptera has a 2 plus 1 seating configuration. The two front seats are arranged as standard side by side seating. There is also a center infant seat behind the driver and passenger. The side doors open to the front and upward completely inside the front wheel track so you never have to worry about hitting the vehicle parked next to you or damaging your door while exiting your Aptera in a tight garage. There is enough storage in the rear for 15 bags of groceries, or 2 full size golf club bags. And the Aptera is even big enough for a couple of seven foot surf boards and any associated beach accessories.

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