Can iPod help improve IQ?

Last Revised on March 4, 2008

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There are many ways iPod can help improve your IQ because it is capable of giving your more than 100 ways to exercise your brain and make you smarter. Here is how it can help learn and study better:

Use iGadget: it gives you capability to make your class notes, presentations, study guides and other materials iPod-friendly by using iGadget. It helps you move documents and files back and forth between your iPod and your computer easily and securely.

Free AudioBooks: Find classical books like Herman Melville’s Typee, Huckleberry Finn and Swiss Family Robinson in iPod-friendly formats here. Read them and get smart.

Mogopop: This is an online site that has a special and unique program to enhance iPod learning by adding notes, video and illustrations to audiobooks and study notes.

Merriam-Webster Reference Dictionary: People might not know but you can download the references and dictionary onto your iPod. Use them to look up words and definitions for you class, on your way to class or anywhere else and become smarter.

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