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Last Revised on December 23, 2009

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I have read some discussions about how some people own many blogs and how all of them has remain page rank 0 for many years. It seems like the problem has to do with how we interlink our own blogs. For example if I own many blogs, lets say 5 blogs, and link every single one of them to each other, Google will know they are within the same so called network. Besides, often times we keep all our blog within the same host, so maybe Google bots can tell it is from the same ip. I think that might be the one reason why paid blogging advertisers don’t want blogspot bloggers; all the blogspot blogs are hosted under the same primary domain name – so the links from these blogs must have lesser value than links from a single primary domain blog.

So what if Google knows we are linking all our blogs to each other? The problem seems to occur when we link all our blogs or websites to each other and none of them are relevant to each other. Then Google will know that’s the dirty link building technique we are using to get higher pr and serps. One reason maybe JohnChow got banned from google – getting inbound links from blogs that has no relevancy with his blog.

So how do we create many blogs without getting penalized? First of all, don’t link to blogs that has no similar/ relevant content with your blog. Send and receive links that is blogging in the same niche as yours. If you do have many blogs with name niche and content type, use different host for each of them and then link to each other. Seriously inbound links are not that hard to get, so don’t assume that the only inbound links you get for your blog is from your other blogs. Get links from free directories, commenting on no follow blogs, social bookmarking sites, etc. That way you can protect your blogs from getting penalized and have good pr along with high search engine (serps) rankings.

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