Bronzing Baby Shoes

Last Revised on February 18, 2008

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Are you looking for bronzing your baby shoes? Then look at American Bronzing Company website. They are one of the most trusted name in bronzing baby shoes business. they are the original bronzing company that have been in business since year 1935 and have bronzed approximately over 14 million shoes to date.

Now you don’t have to hide your baby’s first and most memorable shoes in the closet. You have the ability to preserve is and have it out on display as other important objects in your house. It is pretty cheap and easy to order the bronzing baby shoes service from out and seem to have the most competitive price. Right now they are offering a special price online that will expire in 30 days. The price for bronzing any of your baby shoes pair cost $39.95 and you have a special option to have the shoes customized with your your baby’s first name and date of birth. The price for that add on is just close to $7.99.

Their bronzing process is very generous to the shoes. You ship your shoes to them and what they do is give each pair of shoes a unique ID number that helps keep which shoes needs to be done what accurate. They have the special chemical that is used to seal and stiffen the shoes (even the laces) as they are. They dry it after that and coat them again. They they place the shoes in the special copper electroplating for 3 to 4 hours until the coating is complete. Then they polish and spray lacquer protectant to finish the process after close inspection for perfection.

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