Botox and Plastic Surgery is Obsolete

Last Revised on November 27, 2007

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If want o have a young looking face with better cheekboone or a good looking mouth and lips, don’t go for botox. And don’t even think about going under the knife of plastic surgery procedure. They are obsolete. A new trend is emerging; it is called facial yoga.

Our face has 57 muscles and as we age, our facial muscles tend to get week along with wrinkly lines and spots. The solution is to keep it working through gentle exercises of yoga, that helps muscle stay toned. Through repetition and resistance, you can be proactive when it comes to the aging process.

Facial yoga is like a new modern version of Botox. Stress in your life shows on our face, and it’s the only place where even the non experts can spot stress in your life. While stretching is the key to tighten up your stressed and tired faces. It might even help train injured faces to move again.

Here is how you do the Lion Face yoga: you take a real slow breath, steady it. Now try to constrict every muscle in your body: your toes, your buttocks, your fists — everything. On a slow, steady exhale, relax those muscles, stick out your tongue, widen your eyes and open your hands. Repeat three times. On the last repetition, try to hold the exhale position for 30 to 60 seconds to really stretch your tongue.

If you want to strengthen your eye muscles, in order to decrease the eyestrain you should try to focus and refocus your eyes on objects at differing distances for nearly 10 seconds. What it does is it will offset the eyestrain and helps slow down the deterioration process of your visions.

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