Bored Underpaid Workers Work hard – at surfing Internet and On Gossip

Last Revised on July 26, 2007

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American workers who are bored and underpaid work quite hard, that is at surfing the Internet and indulging in gossips. Reauters news recently published a news article from a study that found about 20 percent of U.S. workers waste their time during a working day in things like these. Survey by had six in ten workers admitting to wasting time at work at an average of 1.7hours out of a normal 8.5 hours each working day.

Among the list of internet usage, personal websites was on the top. Second in the list was socializing with the co workers followed by working on personal things. The top reason for wasting the time were boredom along with nothing much to do. The other reasons for working so hard at surfing internet and on gossips were long working time, underpaid and non challenging task.

On the bright side, the numbers of these bored and underpaid workers wasting their time at work has dropped 19 percent since the previous survey was conducted in 2005 year. That year the average wasting time was 2.09 hours during a normal working day.

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