Blu Ray Format Better Than HD

Last Revised on February 19, 2008

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Blu-ray has won the format battle. Toshiba says it will no longer develop, make or market HD DVD players and recorders. So that can mean that people can start buying comfortably the Blu-ray format disc players.

Both HD DVD and Blu-ray deliver crisp, clear high-definition pictures and sound, which are more detailed and vivid than existing video technology. They are incompatible with each other, and neither plays on older DVD players.

The big manufacturers of Blu-ray players and recorders include Japanese makers Sony Corp., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. and Sharp Corp. as well as Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea.

The Warner Bros. Entertainment decided to release their movie discs only in the Blu-ray format. Toshiba had however assured the estimated 1 million customers, including some 600,000 in North America, who already bought HD DVD machines, by promising that it will continue to provide product support for the technology.

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