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Last Revised on November 2, 2007

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So I was thinking what would be the best places to go on date. Many places came up in my mind. They are bar, beach, parks, concerts, shopping malls, long drive, hiking, hotel, movies, coffee shop, zoo or even a church. Or is church too not a fun place to go on date? Seriously speaking, if you are going on for a first date, then you should realize that it is a good timing to learn and know about each other, while having fun. If you go to busy places like concerts or movies, you won’t even have much time to talk to each other. That might be the reason often times people choose not to go for movies and concerts on their first date. So for your first date, consider going to places like restaurant, coffee shop, long in drive, art museum or galleries, or even a church because there you get plenty of calm time to open up your hearts and tell what is important to you and other things about your life. Be sure to keep some things for later though.

However, if you have already gone on many dates and now looking for something different, why not go on for a little hiking. Hiking is a good choice since you have already known that person for a while, but not everything. During hike, you are both busy but in the mean time, you get quiet time all for each other with nobody disturbing your date. If the hiking is too expensive, see if a museum will work out. Most museums are free and walking through a museum usually takes more than an hour if you are not speed walking. If you wanna impress your date since you acted cheap by choosing to go on date to a free museum, feel free to put
a dollar or more into the donation box. Of course don’t forget to do it in front of your date.

Oh yeah forgot to mention, don’t forget what season it is when your date ask you to decide the place to go on date for. Like we eat food during their season time to save money we should choose date places according to season. So don’t insist on walking outside too much when the ice and winds are present. Stay inside in such weather. But if it is nice outside, choose outdoor places for date. Go out and be active with your date. That way you can share your interest and get your date excited about your hobbies and interests too.

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