Best of Valentine’s Days Gifts

Last Revised on January 31, 2008

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Do you feel like you have been offering same old gifts every year to your love on valentines day? If so, try these new ways to enjoy that day:

There used to be a time when people dine at a fancy restaurant on valentines day. But if you are looking for something unique and special experience then see if you two can ake a cooking class together — an interactive approach that will fill you up without the stuffy ambiance.

Red roses are old fashion. Try a chic orchid, which gives her a flower that’s as stylish and sophisticated as she is, you’ll spend as much as roses, but it will look like some major thought went into the idea.

Chocolates. Ah, everybody sends chocolate. Try something new instead like homemade sweets. They don’t have to be from your home, but they need to be delivered to the office to get the most appreciation from your love.

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