Backgammon Masters Adds Bulgarian Language

Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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Backgammon is a very popular board game which player moves pieces according to the roll of dice. When a player removes all of his checkers from the board he wins the game. Backgammon is played all over the world and therefore it has bit different versions or variants in each different places. But mostly they all share the same rules and strategy.
Are you familiar with the BackgammonMasters yet? It’s an online backgammon website that is available in 14 different languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, German, Greeks, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portugues, Spanish, and Turkish. But recently they added a new language – Bulgarian. That completely rocks because it adds more players who are available to play and thus lessens the waiting time. It makes the backgammon board game more competitive too.

They have announced the next language their website will support are Dutch and Russian depending on the demand by their players. Customer service seems to be their top priority. Once after the players have downloaded the game software, they are ready to play in any language with a click of a switch language button. People from around the world comes to play in the All-in-One lobby and players can tell where others players are from since each one have their own country flag.

Some of the most popular games they have are Poker, 21 blackjack, Backgammon and Perudo. And since these games comes accompanied with a real-time chat, it has attracted a lot of online players. Right now, it is considered one of the largest online game site. And their customer support is available live via chat also.

Besides being a multi-language language, it also handles muti-currencies – currencies from US dollars, GB Pounds, Euros and Canadian Dollars. And just like the language, the money are are automatically converted with no hassle into US dollars and it is all free.

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