AskEraser: Control You Search Data

Last Revised on January 30, 2008

Love Your Health Money Family & Relationship has risen to the top of the pack in search privacy world. AskEraser puts you in control of your search data, giving a leg up on rivals. Kudos to for its new hands-off–or eyes-off–search option. The AskEraser feature will prevent the search company from saving your data in its logs.

Turning it on is just a click away. Select AskEraser at the top-right of any page, and you’re prompted to enable the feature, which deletes within hours all of your search data activity, including your search terms, your IP address, and any session identifier. cookies disappear from your browser as well, save one that reminds the site that you’re using AskEraser.

The AskEraser cookie sticks around for two years, after which you will need to turn on AskEraser again. The option also works if you use Ask via the search box in Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.

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