American Idol eliminates four contestents

Last Revised on February 22, 2008

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The judges of American Idol trashed Luke and Amy, but were they the ones cut? After the damage control segment, a photo shoot video, and a Top 24 group melody performance of 1960’s songs all aired, the results show finally got down to business. Joanne Borgella and Amy Davis were the first to go from the girls’ half of the draw, while Colton Berry and Garrett Haley said goodbye from the guys’ side.

Randy Jackson said ““Simon said something the other night that’s completely true — every time you step up here, you have to sing your best, and that wasn’t your best.”

As Berry stood shell shocked on stage trying to cope with the emotions of his elimination, the judge said, “I would say, get a good job and then enjoy singing, because I don’t think you’ll make a successful career out of it.” At only 18, Berry has a lot of time to prove Simon wrong. But for him and the other three eliminated contestants, it won’t be on “Idol.”

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