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Last Revised on December 27, 2009

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MusicNation is a website that needs some exposure because it deserves it. It is both Myspace and Youtube in one place combined. The site allows fans and bands to connect like no other sites. The unique thing about Music Nation is that bands don’t need to send spams to their fans to spread the world; it does it automatically and without being too much spammy.

So here is how it works: both bands and fans can sign up there. Bands either upload their videos or tell Music Nation what site their music is hosted on so that Music Nation can get it. And when fans like the bands videos they can visit to the band’s website directly, whether it be their Myspace or some other personal website. Fans on the other hand can recommend, comment, send to friends or rate the videos.

Here is what Music Nation describes itself: the website that brings new tools for bands and new contents. For fans it showcases interviews that they care about and would like to more know about. Overall the website brings a new unique way to make connection between bands and fans, where they can interact. They also held contest and competitions.

Right now they are holding important competitions. Every week they are selecting two artists to move into the quarterfinals. One is chosen by the fans, the Nation, based solely on votes. The other is selected by someone on our team, who has experience in music industry.

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