A Laptop That Cost Less Than $300

Last Revised on February 22, 2008

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Zonbu notebook is a cheap inexpensive laptop and it comes with a service that automatically provides all the software, storage, updates, and maintenance you need without any of the hassle (or viruses) typical of other computers. The Zonbu Notebook – essentially a bargain-basement, mainstream Everex notebook with the Zonbu service installed — is the company’s entry into the mobile market.

This laptop is for virus-downloading parents, grandparents, and kids. The Operation System of Zonbu is based on Linux, which means that even on a budget notebook like the Everex, computing is generally fast and smooth. The same computer would be super slow if it were running Vista.

The computer comes with free Open Office for word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents, Banshee for organizing and playing your music files, MPlayer media player for DVDs and CDs, Skype for Internet calls, F Spot and Gimp (for photo organizing and editing, respectively), and Pidgin (for instant messaging), among other software programs. It works with iPods, provided you set them to “enable disk use,” though the only downloaded music we could purchase was from the Amazon MP3 store. Also, laptop accessories such as Webcams, mice, and external keyboards worked like a charm.

The downside of this computer is that it doesn’t let you install anything in addition to what it already has. And there was a catch to the price of this computer. It is not just $279. You also have to pay additional $14.95 per month for the Zonbu Service.

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