5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your First Date

Last Revised on July 6, 2007

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These five ways are not so hard to follow if you really want to ruin your first date. This will test your willingness to ruin your first date. Now you might wonder why would anybody want to ruin their date intentionally. Well, there are many occassions. To list a few: if you met a better looking guy/girl or if you find out the person you were talking on the phone or meeting online doesn’t sound or look like the one originally potrayed. I hope these kind of things never happens to you.

So lets list these five easy methods that can help you ruin the first date or save you from ruining your life for that matter :-

  1. Ruin Your First DateMake yourself look and sound worse than that person can expect. Although there aren’t any any Dummies Guide to Making Yourself Look Ugly, there are plenty of ways to do so. If you were bit chubby in the picture you sent to that person, you can try to “put on ” some more extra pounds – by wearing clothes for chubby- that will make you look real chubby. Even if the person gets the impression that you are not as chubby as those clothes make you look, he/she will certainly give a thought about how bad choice of clothes you made for the first date.
  2. Don’t show up on time: See if you show up late, that person will know you are not as much into it that person as that person is into you . Or better scenario is you not showing up at all. Then you won’t even have to read and work on the rest of the ways of ruining the date. Better yet, you can save yourself from getting stressed out and thus prevent growing up too many gray hairs on your head.
  3. Don’t bring any money. The person will know you are a big loser with no money in your wallet. If you don’t wanna look that loser, then bring your wallet but no credit card or cash in it. You will be labelled cheap. Cheap sounds bit lighter than loser, doesn’t it? If you disagree, then you can certainly go for “I forgot my wallet” instead of “Sorry, I got no cash in my wallet.”
  4. Be Gross with no manners. Just in case the person is willing to pay for the dinner when you forgot to bring money, don’t worry. You got ways to teach that person a lesson in harder ways. One way is to act gross; eat food without any spoon or fork and lick your finger even if there aren’t any food on them. Don’t use the napkins; and if you do use a napkin share the used one with the person. Don’t forget to burb, and if possible fart while on dinner table.
  5. Keep Bragging. I think this is one of the easiest ways to show yourself unimpressive to anybody. This one doesn’t need any explanation. It’s a well known fact that people don’t like people who talk about them in an egoistitical and snotty manner. So go ahead and brag about your achievements ever since you took the birth in this world. If you don’t have any real achievements, then think about what you haven’t achieved and say you achieved this and that for a quite a while.

P.S. : Keep your bragging to a realistic point such that you won’t say like I dated Brad Pitt or Paris Hilton called you up. If you do these, then the person will think you are trying to impress and thus want to continue dating you. Now you don’t want that, do you?

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2 Responses to “5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your First Date”

  1. Funny! Says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 9:21 am

    I like the 5 steps,
    Will try to use them next time I have a date with an ugly.

  2. IntelliGenius.NET Says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 10:52 am

    Thank you. I hope to bring more funny stuff as we go. 🙂

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